Yianna Deliyianni was born in Athens. She studied Cinematography at the School of Film and Television Studies Eugenia Hatzikou from which she obtained the National Diploma in Directing. She loves children, the cinema, photography, theatre and poetry. She is the founder of CiNEMATHESIS and aspires to put the cinema at the core of Education. She organizes and gives life to Educational Programmes for children of all ages based on the Cinema, educational Cinema Clubs, narrations and activities on Educational Theatre. All these are achieved by cooperating with public and private schools, municipalities, publishing houses, libraries, cultural centres, camps, festivals as well as individuals/contractors.

Along with cinematography, she studied Arts & Sciences at Deree College and obtained the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Major in Marketing Management. She then attended a 2-year Programme of Artistic Photography at ‘Orama’ School and a 2-year Course in Educational Drama at the workshop of the Xenia Kalogeropoulou theatre. She has also attended Training Courses for Educators focusing on ‘Cinema in Education’ at THE BRITISH FILM INSTITUTE (BFI) INTO FILM in London. She has participated in seminars about Art, stop motion animation, theatrical education, drama therapy techniques and conferences about Art in the school environment. She has also worked as a teacher of English and theatrical game in English.

She has written and directed the short film ‘With A Song’ and the short documentary ‘Alphaville, the Cinema’ which participated in the 22nd Drama Short Film Festival and the 20th Internationales Festival Der Filmhochschulen in Munich. She has worked as Assistant Director and Casting Director in films, short films, documentaries and TV series with directors such as Nikos Perakis, Tasos Psaras, Pigi Dimitrakopoulou, Dimitris Indares, Christos Dimas, Dimitris Yiatzoutzakis and others.

In the theatre, she cooperated for 15 years with Porta Theatre as assistant Director, Production Manager of theatrical performances, Stage Director and student coordinator in school performances within the schools’ premises and in tours with performances for children and young people in schools and places of civilization around Greece. She is also partner to the English Theatre Club and other theatre companies as performance and activities coordinator in schools. In 2004 she participated as Assistant Director in the Olympics Closing Ceremony, Athens 2004 under the direction of Thomas Moshopoulos.


Yiannis Antipas was born in Athens. He studied Sound Engineering at the Papantonopoulou Audio and Vision College. He is co-founder of CiNEMATHESIS. He has been working for the cinema and television in films, short films, documentaries, video art projects and commercials since 1998. He has obtained the PRO TOOLS Post Production Operator diploma from AVID at the ALCHEMEA College in London. He has worked with directors such as Pantelis Voulgaris, Yiannis Oikonomidis, Yiannis Smaragdis, Periklis Hoursoglou, Aggeliki Antoniou, Antonis Kafetzopoulos, Vardis Marinakis, Mihalis Konstantatos, Margarita Manta, Lefteris Haritos and others for productions in Greece, Albania, Bulgaria, Turkey, England, France, Germany, Holland and elsewhere. He has also worked in video art projects in collaboration with artists and cultural institutions such as the Benaki Museum, the EMST (National Museum of Contemporary Art), Bienalle, NEON organization, the National Opera and others.

He has recorded radio spots for theatrical performances in collaboration with theatres and companies in Greece. He has recorded and edited audio books among which ‘Xenia’s fairy-tales’, ‘Xenia’s fairy-tales … a bit scary’ in Martis Publishing (, ‘Fairy Praline and the Magic Hazelnut’ by Clio Fanoutaki in AMUSIC FREEater publishing (

He has worked as an ‘Expert-Researcher’ for the development team of ‘Sound Recordist’ in the framework Lifelong Education and Training which took place under the co-ordination of GSEE and EKEPIS (National Centre for the Accreditation of Lifelong Learning Providers)/GREECE (