From past till present, a cinema archive

Workshop for children and teenagers

Excerpts from cinema classics help us understand the principles of the moving picture and truly feel man’s need to depict and analyze motion. In a simple manner, we discover along with our young audience how the cinema, starting as a medium of recording motion with the invention of the Lumiere brothers, evolved into art by Melies; how from silent movies we advanced to adding sound and colour; we learn about the importance of editing. Together we will try to understand how the different genres were created in the different civilizations in Europe, America, Japan and elsewhere. We also follow the development of types of cinema such as the documentary, animation, musical, film noire, western and so others.

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A film can take me everywhere

Workshop for children and teenagers

A film scene, a story becomes the medium to identify with the situation we watch, comprehend, get engaged in a creative dialogue, express an opinion, feel, stimulate our imagination, boost our confidence and foster mutual respect. We use specific topics to deal with every day issues that concern children and young people in general. Selected topics such as friendship, the environment, family, peace, immigration, the concept of creativity, multiculturalism, diversity, the Internet and our safety in it, self respect and reaction to bullying, all these can make us look at things in a more complete way, just by asking simple questions: what/where/who/why/how. Everything works in two ways.


Creation of a Cinema Club

Can the screening of a film tell a story which will boost cinema education and form thinking viewers? Every school, cultural centre, municipality or community can have its own cinema club. Let’s make a club that creates cinema lovers who see the cinema as a work of art and as a means of expression and opt to participate in cinema festivals, visit cinemas in their neighbourhood. In simple ways and following specific steps we organize a cinema club together.

A consultative seminar is also provided to educators, parents, parents and guardians associations, municipality and community officials and people who love the cinema.



Creative activities before or after the screening or performance

For children and teenagers

It’s our firm belief that the cinema or theatre experience does not begin or end just by watching a film or a play. The fascination and the educational character are long lasting and can equip children with meaningful stimuli to express themselves. With a film or a theatrical performance as the starting point, students can fully immerse in the story before watching it, gain stimuli and motives as well as the will to discover aspects of the story they are about to watch; they can also excite their imagination and express aspects of their own ideas and feelings. This way, the film and/or play become a meeting point for the cinema and the theatre while the stimuli received by this young audience act as a palette that puts into motion the story which will unfold later right in front of them. After watching the film children can participate in multiple actions, raise questions and issues to discuss through an experiential approach. 



The Cinema and The City/ Children and Neighbourhoods

Foe children and teenagers

The 7th Art has played a major part in forming the iconography of the urban landscape. The city turned into the leading star, décor, theme, political and social symbol, it created images of the past and visions into the future.

Through the way the city is depicted, we understand how children see their city, their neighbourhood, we note everything they pay attention to, all the things they love or would like to change. We understand the history and the changes they experience where they live and form with them a collective memory. We travel to faraway places they have visited or they would like to and pave a path to their dream world. Our young fellow travelers become residents, tourists, travelers, viewers, photographers, explorers of real or imaginary cities.